About Me


I am...

to borrow from Stephen Hawking, a mathematician, a musician, and something of a dreamer. 

My research interests include algebraic and arithmetic geometry, number theory and topology. For my dissertation, I am working to describe wildly ramified covers of curves in the language of algebraic stacks. I am also highly motivated by the analogies between algebra, number theory and topology (e.g. the ideas behind étale cohomology and A¹-homotopy theory). 

I plan to finish my dissertation in May 2020, but until then, you can find me in one of the following ways:

Office: 121 Kerchof Hall
  Department of Mathematics, University of Virginia
  141 Cabell Drive
  P.O. Box 400137
  Charlottesville, VA 22904-4137

Email: ak5ah (at) virginia (dot) edu

Phone: (434) 982 2785

Outside of math, I enjoy music, reading, languages, tennis, running, skiing, hiking and good food. Here's a photo of me playing piano at an open mic event hosted by University Records. (Dave Matthews looks impressed)

Andrew and Shannon_2.JPG

In 2019, some Charlottesville-area musicians and I formed a band called Marti. You can find demos of some of our original music on Caroline Hullman’s Soundcloud page, as well as upcoming appearances on our Facebook page.